2012 Bands

4:00 – Comotose Smile
Alternative/Indie Rock. With their classic-rock inspired sound, growly vocals, polished musicianship and creative lyrics, you might not guess that three-quarters of the band hasn’t yet graduated from high school. And in fact, they’d prefer that you not guess it. Read more..

5:00 – Raised on Stolen Cable
One guy, one Banjo, and a whole lotta half truths. From Missoula MT. Read More…

6:00 – Danielle Oliver
Pop/Indie/Alternative. From Whitefish, Danielle teamed up with Brett Allen (Dan Deacon, Death Cab For Cutie) to create her debut EP, much of which is has a slightly different mood than her previous material. With six unique tracks, including the new song “Advice”, “Sun For Snow EP” really depicts Danielle’s growth as a musician and as a person. Read More…

7:00 – Jercs
Jercs is a Post-Pre-Current Punk Rock band from Missoula MT. Read More…

8:00 – BOYS
The “Boys” is a band from Missoula, made up of Ex-The Lion The Tamer, Mars and the Baptist, Deny the Dinosaur, Order 66. Pumping out the riffs, melodies and grooves to tickle your inner-most fancy.

9:00 – Airstream Safari
Rock/Indie/Alternative. “Airstream Safari’s sound is, in some ways, just as the name implies: the sort of bright, hooky rock and roll that makes for a good road trip soundtrack. At the same time, it’s not so easy to pinpoint.” – Missoula Independent. “Laid back, feel-good, rock ‘n’ roll getaway” – Montana Kaimin. “Indeed, with its unprocessed vocals and straight-ahead instrumental grooves, the album stands as the most unabashed local rock album in years.” – Nickell’s Bag. Read More…


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