2011 Bands

Bird’s Mile
Bird’s Mile is a local Missoula band. They play what amounts to Country-Punk with a folk bent, or a hard Americana-like sound. This is their second appearance at Rock Against Racism.

Sick Kids XOXO
Pop, Electro, and Indie Rock local Missoula band. Focuses on the concepts of heartbreak, love, hurt, pain, elation and insight into creating an affecting and beguiling atmosphere of heartfelt self-examination and a wider commentary on the flawed world around us.

Airstream Safari
Missoula Montana based alternative indie rock band Airstream Safari. Isaac M.’s acoustic, guitar-driven, emotionally intelligent folk songs put the focus on simple, unpretentious, solid songwriting. Musicians may write about a feeling or event, but Isaac M. has the ability to bring the listener with him.

Zeppo MT
Zeppo is an eight piece Old School Traditional Horn Driven Rhythm and Blues Band. There’s a New Orleans touch in the mix with the slammin’ Horns, the Piano/Organ man sounding like he has 12 fingers, and a solid funky Bass as the only instrumentation that gives room to the space as well as the notes. The Band consists of longtime local musicians.

Garage, Rock, and Rockabilly local Montana band. Originated in Polson, Montana.

Baby and Bukowski
An acoustic duo from Big Sky High School.