2010 Bands

High Voltage
High Voltage is a rock n’ roll band from the great city of Missoula. The band’s lineup is composed of a diverse, young, and talented group of musicians: Brooke Olivia (Vocals), Josh Rhines (Guitar), Dan Molgaard (Bass), Jordan Koppen (Sax), and Collin Scott (Drums). Since its birth in Winter 2010, High Voltage has played many high profile shows (Osprey Stadium, Testicle Festival 2010, Seeley Lake 4th of July) and has been in the studio recording various tracks.

Bangers and Hash
Bangers and Hash was born on December 14th, 2009 during a jam session with Jacob Bollengee (bass) from Woodstock, GA; Skye Berns (harmonica/lyricist), Missoula and New Orleans; and Keven “Bango” Borchardt (guitars, vocals, banjo, music arranger) Billings; got a little out of hand and involved a walk though the wintery Missoula/Clark Fork River night. After months of practice and play, Bangers and Has was joined by Jim “Jimbo” Knudsen from Iowa on guitars and bass and Felipe the percussionist. They have played the Love Your Mother… Earth Festival, The Freedom Festival, Higher Mountain Boy Productions BBQ, and several Top Hat shows as well as Haufbrau in Bozeman and the Badlander in Missoula. Irish-Reggae-Blues from Montana, Georgia, and beyond!

Treehouse came together from 4 corners of the U.S. in January of 2010. They jumped out of the gates, instruments in hand with hopes of turning the heads of the kids leaning against walls with their arms crossed everywhere. 4 different viewpoints on music lead to a collaboration of many genres but the music really speaks for itself. With bass, drums, and 2 guitars, they call it indie rock and roll, but you can just call it delectable.

House of Quist
This group has an undeniably original sounds combined with soaring sibling vocal-harmonies with searing guitar work and thunderous drums. The band has also earned a reputation as an exciting live act, with many noting the group’s charisma.

Slowly but Shirley
Slowly but Shirley is an all-female rock band based out of Missoula, Montana. Band members include Kristin Janis (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Ciara Keeton (lead guitar, backup vocals), Teri Llovet (bass, backup vocals), and Angie Biel (drums). Known for their original music, Slowly but Shirley has captured a variety of audiences with their melodic, catchy hooks; beautiful harmonies and soulful lead guitar. The Shirley’s have only been together for a little over 3 months and have been playing gigs all around Montana, touring with local favorites like Miller Creek. Slowly but surely, these ladies will leave their mark on Missoula and beyond.

Chereal is a newly emerging band out of Missoula. Featuring their original music, they bring you a new innovative sound of traditional and heavy rock infused with jazz and latin beats. Their melodic and sexy appeal is contributed to by: Regmachine, Cheree Burton and Neal Funk.

Modality is a local Missoula drums/synth/guitar duo who formed the band in 2009. With nearly 20 shows under their belt in just a year and two separate CD releases, Clark Grant and Jay Bruns are sure to put on a memorable rock show.

Formed in late December 2009, Borland got straight to work on their first self-produced EP, Each Word, released February 6th. Consisting of members of former local groups, The Evergreen, Alive in the Massacre, and Long Story Short, a diverse array of talent has been incorporated into this project. Immediately after Each Word was released they began writing again and playing shows around Montana. Call it Rock n’ Roll, call it Pop Rock, call it whatever you want. They call it Borland. Enjoy!

Airstream Safari (formally Isaac M)

Screaming in Stereo
This Longview, WA based punk band broke into the local scene in 2008 with their 4 song demo, a refreshing blend of pop punk/rock amongst a sea of Screamo bands in the scene today. The band’s latest album layers singer K-Stereo’s melodic anthems with lead guitarist’s Danny-Stereo’s searing over-the-top solos for a track list that will have you singing along.

Kevin Van Dort
Kevin Van Dort was raised in Montana and has been living in Missoula, Montana for ten years. Although the love of Blues moved Kevin to begin learning music, his interests are spread wide across many different genres. I urge you to check out a live performance of Kevin’s to see firsthand how intense joy and pain can be communicated through high mountain soul music.

Victory Smokes