2009 Bands

A newly emerging band out of Missoula. Featuring their original music, they bring you a new innovative sound of traditional and heavy rock infused with jazz and latin beats. Their melodic and sexy appeal is contributed to by Regmachince; Cheree Burton and Neal Funk.

Train Song
A collective of friends with a love for punk rock. Two of them have been playing together for a decade, but as a whole they have been rocking with the best for awhile now. Adventurous, sonic awesomeness.

Luau Cinder
A dub-rock, trance-funktronic trio from Missoula, MT from Missoula, MT who has been playing shows around the Rocky Mountain West for the last 4 years. Their sound is a unique combination of many influences, from Afro Beat to Jazz.

Celestial Chaos
The sound can be described as rock with an alternative, hard rock edge. They draw  influence from many artists and try to blend their styles and influences while still pushing the stylistic envelope and exploring new musical territory. They live for performing their music to eager audiences, and deliver and energetic rock n’ roll show.

The Evergreen
A toe-tapping Pop Punk from the heart of Montana. Composed of singer Samuel Askin McCue, bassist Dennis Webber, drummer Jesse Earll, and lead guitarist Jeremy Meine. The four have been making original music all over Montana for a year and a half now.

Bird’s Mile Home
A new Missoula band, formed in January. They play what amounts to Country-Punk with a folk bent, or a hard Americana-like sound.

Isaac M.
Acoustic, guitar-driven, emotionally intelligent folk songs put the focus on simple, unpretentious, solid songwriting. Musicians may write about a feeling or event, but Isaac M. has the ability to bring the listener with him.

Screaming in Stereo
This Longview, WA based punk band broke into the local scene in 2008 with their 4 song demo, a refreshing blend of pop punk/rock amongst a sea of Screamo bands in the scene today. The band’s latest album layers singer K-Stereo’s melodic anthems with lead guitarist’s Danny-Stereo’s searing over-the-top solos for a track list that will have you singing along.

Arrested Adolescence
Arrested Adolescence is a 6-piece punk-ska hybrid with a little bit of dance funk. This is not your big brother’s Ska band, hence the term 4th wave. Just prepare yourself to dance, dance, dance….

The Reptile Dysfunction
Montana-style hardcore punk rock by four drunken idiots: Joel on drums, Timmy with bass, Forrest tries to play guitar, and Jake howls and yowls like the stray cat that hangs out in my alley.